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Course Catalog  >  Nursing CE

Ab Assess: Abdominal Assessment (APA)

Ab Assess - QL: Abdominal Assessment - QL

Abn Neuro - QL: Abnormal Neurological Findings - QL

Adult Vent Mana: Adult Ventilation Management

Adv Neuro Assess: Advanced Neurological Assessment (AAPA)

Airway Assess Lvl of Consc: Airway Assessment and Level of Consciousness - QL

Basics of Hemo Moni: Basics of Hemodynamic Monitoring (AAPA)

Blck Part & Other Card Arr: Block Party & Other Cardiac Arrhythmias

Blck Party & Card Arr FT: Block Party & Other Cardiac Arrhythmias Fast Track (BPCA)

Blood Gas Inter: Blood Gas Interpretation

Blood Gas Inter (AAPA): Blood Gas Interpretation (AAPA)

Blood Gas Inter FT: Blood Gas Interpretation Fast Track

Bldborne Pathogens: Bloodborne Pathogens

Bld Patient Rapport: Building Patient Rapport (APA)

Cardiac Assess FT: Cardiac Assessment Fast Track (ACA)

Cardiac Hrt Snds & Valves: Cardiac Heart Sounds and the Valves (ACA)

Cardiac Inter & Tst: Cardiac Interventions and Tests ( ACA)

Cardiac Rsk Fctrs: Cardiac Risk Factors - QL

Cardio Assess: Cardiovascular Assessment (APA)

Chain of Infec: Chain of Infection

Chest Pain Assess: Chest Pain Assessment - QL

N: Domestic Vio: Domestic Violence

Ext Assess: Extremity Assessment (APA)

Ext Assess - QL: Extremity Assessment -QL

Fire Safety - R&P: Fire Safety - RACE & PASS

Fluid Balance & Hyd - QL: Fluid Balance and Hydration Status - QL

Gen Fire Safety: General Fire Safety

Gen Survey & VS - QL: General Survey and Vital Signs - QL

Grnd Trans Nursing: Ground Transport Nursing (Transport)

Haza Communications: Hazardous Communications

Infec Control for HC Pro: Infection Control for Healthcare Professionals

Infec Control for Hosp Wrks: Infection Control for Hospital Workers

Latex Allergy: Latex Allergy: Are You Risking Your Life for Your Job

Maternity HELLP Syn: Maternity-HELLP Syndrome

Med Surgical Abd Assess: Medical Surgical Abdominal Assessment

MI Symp Manage: MI Symptom Management (ACA)

N: Misc Charges: Miscellaneous Charges

Myocardial Ischemia and Inj: Myocardial Ischemia and Injury (ACA)

Neonatal - Fist & Atr (NGA): Neonatal - Fistulas & Atresias (NGA)

Neonatal Abd Wall Defects: Neonatal Abdominal Wall Defects (NGA)

Neonatal Apnea: Neonatal Apnea

Neontal Bro Dysp (NRA): Neonatal Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (NRA)

Neonatal Cong Diaphr Hernia: Neonatal Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Neonatal Gastr Assess: Neonatal Gastrointestinal Assessment

Neonatal Gastr Assess Bsc A&P: Neonatal Gastrointestinal Assessment Basic A & P (NGA)

Neonatal Gastr Assess FT: Neonatal Gastrointestinal Assessment Fast Track (NGA)

Neonatal Malr & Volv: Neonatal Malrotation & Volvulus (NGA)

Neonatal Resp Assess: Neonatal Respiratory Assessment

Neonatal Resp Assess FT: Neonatal Respiratory Assessment Fast Track (NRA)

Neonatal Res Assess Bsc A&P: Neonatal Respiratory System Basic A & P (NRA)

Neuro Assess: Neurological Assessment (APA)

Newborn - APGAR Scor: Newborn - APGAR Scoring

Nwborn Blood Gass Inte: Newborn Blood Gas Interpretation

Newborn Gas Exc: Newborn Gas Exchange

Newborn Resp Assess - OV: Newborn Respiratory Assessment - Overview

Nurs & Nutri: Prov Sur Skills: Nursing and Nutrition: Providing Survival Skills

Chest Pain (ACA): Other Common Causes of Chest Pain (ACA)

4 Heart Functions: Overview of 4 Man Heart Functions (UCM)

Pain Assess & His: Pain Assessment and History Taking - QL

Pain Mana: Pain Management

Pain Mana - QL: Pain Management - QL

Patient ID: Patient Identification

Patient Inter Tech: Patient Interview Techniques - QL

Ped Blood Gas Inter: Pediatric Blood Gas Interpretaion

Ped Cardio Shock (PS): Pediatric Cardiogenic Shock (PS)

Ped Clinical Stages of Sho (PS): Pediatric Clinical Stages of Shock (PS)

Ped Distri Shock: Pediatric Distributive Shock (PS)

Ped Gas Exc: Pediatric Gas Exchange

Ped Gastro Reflux: Pediatric Gastroesophangeal Reflux

Ped Hypo Shock: Pediatric Hypovolemic Shock (PS)

Ped Obs Shock (PS): Pediatric Obstructive Shock (PS)

Ped Rout Growth Meas: Pediatric Routine Growth Measurement

Ped Shock: Pediatric Shock

Ped Vital Signs: Pediatric Vital Signs

Ped Obs Shock: Pediatroc Obstructive Shock (PS)

Prev Decubitus Ulcers: Preventing Decubitus Ulcers

Prev Medication Errors: Preventing Medication Errors

Prev Needlestick Inj: Preventing Needlestick Injury

Prev Workplace Vio: Preventing Workplace Violence

Princ of Hndwashing: Principles of Handwashing

Pupil Assess: Pupil Assessment - QL

Rapid Cardio Assess: Rapid Cariopulmonary Assessment - QL

Resp Assess: Respiratory Assessment (APA)

Resp Assess - QL: Respiratory Assessment -QL

Risk of Anes: Risk of Anesthesia

Standard Prec: Standard Precautions

Supp SW: Support for the Shift Worker

Basics Exc Physiology: The Basics of Exercise Physiologu: Improving Wellness through the Benefits of Exercise

Best Def is Good Doc: The Best Defense is a Good Documentation Offense

Chest Pain Inter: The Chest Pain Interview (ACA)

Und ACE Inh: Understandibg ACE Inhibitors (UCM)

Und Acidosis & Alkalosis: Understanding Acidosis & Alkalosis

Und Antia (UCM): Understanding Antiarrhythmics (UCM)

Und Bowel Sounds - QL: Understanding Bowel Sounds - QL

Und Cardiac Med FT: Understanding Cardiac Medications Fast Track (UCM)

Und Diuretics (UCM): Understanding Diuretics (UCM)

Und Electrolytes: Understanding Electrolytes (APA)

Und Mec Ventilation (AAPA): Understanding Mechanical Ventilation

Und Newborn Cardiac Output: Understanding Newborn Cardiac Output

Und Nitroglycerin: Understanding Nitroglycerin (UCM)

Und Ped Cardiac Output: Understanding Pediatric Cardiac Output

Und Shock: Understanding Shock

Und Throm & Antico: Understanding Thrombolytics and Anticoagulants (UCM)

Vol Assess: Volume Assessment (APA)

WHMIS for HC Providers: WHMIS for Healthcare Providers

Nurses & Case Managers: Why Nurses and Case Managers Need to Know Customer Service

Workplace Subs Abuse: Workplace Substance Abuse
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