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Legal Assistant Today Magazine publishes a salary survey that is conducted every two years by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). In the 2002 survey, graduates of certificate programs, such as the one offered at the The Legal Academy of Florida, are compensated at a higher rate than any other form of legal secretary education!

Legal Assistant Education Average Salary Average Compensation Responses
Undergraduate Certificate 49,674 52,066 175
Post Baccalaureate Certificate 50,488 53,651 181
Associate Degree 46,696 49,402 459
Bachelor Degree 46,484 49,292 109
Master Degree n/a    
Other 49,779 52,409 183
None 47,827 50,919 256

Why are Certificate Program Graduates Paid More?
Attorneys are interested in legal secretaries who can perform specific law related tasks efficiently and accurately. They want, and are willing to pay for, legal secretaries who possess skills that make them and their firm more productive. As a general rule, attorneys don't care about the geometry, psychology, and other general study courses an employee has taken. They care about whether the employee can maintain a client file, whether an employee can conduct legal research, whether an employee can draft legal documents, and perform other relevant tasks. Legal Secretary Certificate programs offer training in the specific skills attorneys are looking for in their paralegal employees.

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