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Exam Prep for Sales Associates

Highly Recommended

Questions and Answers to Help You Pass Your Florida Sales Associate's Exam
(Computer CD-ROM version)

This Q&A review tool is based on feedback from REAL students and customers who have taken the real estate exam. Over 1000 questions are split into 18 different categories to hone your focus into what you really need to practice. You have the option to prepare on your own time, exploring various learning techniques, such as iummediate audio feedback  custom quizzes, that allow you to filter out questions that you've already seen, and use our comprehensive review page to generate quizzes based on what you missed in your previous quiz. PLUS access the latest version of this exam prep for the next 3 months as you prepare, for the latest most accurate approach to passing the real exam.

System Requirements: Windows PC (300mhz Pentium or better) running Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. CD-ROM drive required if ordering a CD-ROM. Internet connection required if ordering online version.

ATTENTION:  Not Compatible with Macintosh Computers. 

Highly Recommended


Online Questions and Answers to Help You Pass Your Florida Sales Associate's Exam 

This online version of the popular "Questions and Answers to Help You Pass Your Florida Sales Associate Exam" CD-ROM product featured above, features a sophisticated test configuration control panel. You can quickly generate new tests based on exactly what you missed in previous tests to narrow your study focus as your knowledge progresses. Also, since there's NO DOWNLOAD you can save your work and pick up exactly where you left off from any internet enabled device.


   $43.95 activation fee
+ $10.00 / 90 days.

Renew later for only $10. Always updated with the most current law.




Highly Recommended


Dearborn Real Estate Education Exam Prep AUDIO CD for Florida Sales Associate Candidates

Based on Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law, these CDs are a perfect review to keep in the car, on the nightstand, or just on hand when preparing for the Florida real estate exam. This set of 2 audio CDs provide 2 hours total playing time summarizing key points, terms and reference points to Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law text.

These CDs may be used as a primary review or in tandem with the text.
Audio CDs are written by the AUTHORS of the course Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law course and will correspond chapter by chapter.

$39.95 plus tax



Highly Recommended


Florida Real Estate Exam Manual (for the Sales Associate)
By Gaines, Coleman and Crawford
Produced by Dearborn Real Estate Education

This exam manual is updated annually to provide real estate students with  the systematic framework they need to prepare for the Florida Real Estate Exam. Key concept outlines, terms and practice exams are included to cover the critical elements of the exam so when it's time to test, you are ready to succeed.

$24.95 plus tax






Mastering Real Estate Math

Your success depends on your ability to expedite your workflow and let's face it doing the complex work of cranking through real estate math can take forever. This manual offers you the information and practice you need in a comprehesive manner for complete mastery. Save yourself time and money by setting yourself up for success. This guide is ideal practice if you plan to take the Florida Real Estate Exam.

$29.95 plus tax









Real Estate Math
Working out the mathematics on the real estate exam can be complicated, meticulous and almost outright painful. This manual does more than  just offer you questions and answers, it works out each problem step-by-step so you know exactly where you get stuck, and what you need to do next. Make sure you've got this guide in your toolbox when preparing to pass the state exam!

$31.95 plus tax

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